About Us

The Vision

Diva Like Me started with a vision to provide the Young Diva, the Trendy Diva, the Grown & Sexy Diva, theCurvy Diva, the Upscale Diva, and last but never least the Everyday Diva with fashionably, one of a kind boutique style selections, you don't see everywhere. Our selection features some very original trends from all over the globe. When it comes to your style, it's important that you get excellent choices and expert advice. We take great care to ensure that all your wishes are addressed with meticulous attention to detail. We also inject a bit of our own creativity into the process eager to help you find the perfect outfit.

What Makes Diva Like Me Sell?

A unique assortment of clothing, accessories and shoes, as well as our combination of vintage and gently worn pre-owned apparel at great prices. We offer a select choice of clothing and accessories in limited quantities. We go out of our way to find the most original, one of a kind pieces, even if we can only find one unique item, we want you to have it.

What sets Diva Like Me apart?

We go out of our way to guarantee unique, popular, trendy designs. Because we want you to stand out in a crowd...not get lost in it. We choose one of a kind items with you in mind. Diva Like Me also provide special services like image consulting and personal wardrobe styling and shopping. We know it's sometimes hard to keep track of the fashion trends, and not everything that is IN will suit you. We will help you find specific items you're looking for so you don't have to spend countless hours frantic and indecisive about what you should wear. If you need fashion help or consulting we are her to serve that need too! If you have been looking for a unique accessory or an eccentric piece to set you apart, look no further. Diva Like Me has you covered.

About the founder

Tra-Viecia, a Diva who loves to shop and dress to impress, founded Diva Like Me in 2009. A Diva known for her fashion and creative style, Tra-Viecia has the ability to put beauty and fasion together like pieces to a puzzle. Her gift is her ability to make it look like she spent tons of dollars on an outfit, while actually doing the opposite. Noticing the attention her own sense of style garnered her, not long after competing cosmetology school, she decided in 2000 to take fashion design and business courses in hopes of one day becoming a stylist and owning her own clothing company. In 2009 Tra-Viecia began selling new and pre-owned apparel on eBay under the name Diva Like Me. After much success on eBay, Tra-Viecia started her own online boutique, Diva Like Me, offering you the same fashion for passion she has for herself.

The Mission

Diva Like Me's goal is to provide you fashion that produces confidence along with exceptional quality products, at a great value, with superb customer service. We welcome you and hope that you visit often.

With much love and gratitude,

Diva Like Me